I am new to BetaPage. How do I get started?

First of all, you should sign up to BetaPage. You can signup via Twitter/Facebook/Google/LinkedIn and we have recently introduced signup via Github also because we would love to bring those amazing Github projects and coders on our platform.

Did I mention that you will get extra karma if you signup via LinkedIn?

Now do you know about any product/project/startup or innovation which is useful but yet not listed on BetaPage? If yes then go ahead and make your first contribution to BetaPage and become an integral part of this community. You can also explore some amazing startups and products in our trending and recent section.

If you are a founder you can list your own startup here to introduce yourself and your startup to 30,000 + BetaPage members, you can connect to investors and other founders and perhaps find some very useful resources here.

If you are an investor/incubator, then you should set up your complete profile correctly so the future unicorn would not face many difficulties in connecting with you.

Freelancers/indie hackers should also set their profile and list their product to get exposure.

BetaPage is a small planet of like minded people who love everything about startup and innovation, who want to contribute to this planet and want to get connected with similar people.

Who can create a profile on BetaPage?

The platform is open for startup stakeholders like founders, investors, incubators, mentors, indie hackers, and freelancers, etc. Anyone can create a profile and make their contribution via listing startup/product/service/project to showcase it to the other community members.

What is the difference between startup and product on your platform and where should I submit?

Sometimes a startup is a product in itself, and that kind of startup represents a single definition of startup and product for example Slack. When you list Slack, it should be under the category of startup. If you are listing Microsoft Teams, it belongs to product category, not startup.

What type of startups can I Submit?

You can submit all types of startup/product it may be Mobile apps, SaaS, IOT, Innovative software and hardware, chrome extensions, Github projects, indie hacker projects, AI based projects or any other innovative product which you think is bridging any market gap. Besides this platform is not at all restricted to beta stage one can submit live or older products also.

Can I submit live product/startup also?

Yes, surely. We have removed that restriction months ago so now BetaPage is open for startups/products in all stages be it in under development, beta or live.

How can I submit any startup/product to BetaPage?

Submitting a startup to BetaPage is very easy. Just click Login/Register option (top right-hand corner), once you are logged in you would see “Submit” (link) option on right-hand side top corner just near your profile picture. Select what you want to submit may it be a startup or a product, in next step you have to fill the details such as the name of your startup/product, website, summary, tags, pictures, etc. and you are done.

How do I Edit My startup?

Click on the profile icon shown on the top right-hand side corner, select submitted there you can see the startup/product submitted by you. From the list of startup, you have submitted, select the one you want to edit, click the read more. Once it opens the page click on the 3 dots at the top right and select edit. Then you can edit your startup/product information

What is default image and to set default image?

You can upload multiple images for your listing, but you need to choose one default image that will be visible on the list. Please, note your startup can not be published until you set a default image.

How Can I change the privacy setting of My BetaPage account?

Privacy setting can be modified by clicking the icon on the top right-hand side corner that displays your profile picture icon go to “Privacy” it can also be done at the time of registering as a new user.

How to Link Social Media Account with my profile?

Once you are logged in, click on the top right-hand side icon that displays your profile picture, click profile and exactly near your profile picture you would see “+add social accounts” from there you can add your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Github & dribble account.

Why my startup is not visible in the Recent category.

Once you have submitted your startup on BetaPage you will get a link, and via that link, only your startup will be accessible. To qualify for the recent section you need to receive minimum 5 upvotes on your startup and you can do so by sharing that link on your social media accounts then only it will appear in Recent category.

What is Recent & Trending category?

There are two categories i.e. Recent & Trending. To be in the category of Recent, your startup must have at least 5 upvotes, which can be done via social sharing. Trending category belongs to those startups which have earned maximum upvotes within 24 hours from the time being published.

How can I see my startup in Trending category?

If your startup/product gets a high quantity of upvotes within 24 hours from the time startup is being published, it will automatically shift to the Trending category. There is obviously a complex algorithm behind it which we can’t disclose.

What is Private Upvote?

We used to keep users’ upvotes private in the previous version of BetaPage because many users just want to use upvotes as bookmark only and they don’t want it to publicly visible. So by default upvotes are private in the user’s account until they make it open by changing their privacy setting.

Why my listing removed?

Your listings may be removed if they are offensive, out of scope or in violation of our terms.

What is the process of content review here?

We don’t review any content or submissions. You can publish your content as soon as you list it. Your submission is openly accessible via a link until it gets 5 upvotes and once it receives 5 upvotes, it goes to the recent category. The community decides about the quality of content, and they can downvote or report spam if the content is not appropriate for the platform.

Why don’t I see downvote option in my profile?

Downvote option comes with a higher karma. By default you are a contributor in this community once you get higher karma then you would become moderator and moderator gets the option of the downvote.

What does Karma mean?

The term "Karma" is a score which is used to show engagement of a user on BetaPage. It's pretty similar to Reddit Karma or HN karma; your karma is in direct proportion with your engagement with the platform.

What do I need to do to increase My Karma?

You can increase your karma easily by being active on BetaPage, but we firmly discourage spamming on platform so your karma will be increased due to quality, not quantity for example when you submit a new listing on BetaPage then your Karma won't raise, but if other users upvote your submission then your karma will raise.

We have set 3 levels of users on the basis of their karma.

  • Contributor: By default, everyone is a contributor. Anybody can contribute to the platform by listing and publish any startup. Contributors can list the startup and products made by other founders also. If they receive upvotes on their submission, their karma will increase.
  • Moderator: If you have a high karma, you will get a downvote option.
  • Editor: With very high karma you would be able to edit the listing of other’s to make It better or error free like adding additional tags and filling some missing information etc.

Being a normal user, only 2 submissions can be made per day. With Higher karma, the limit of submitting startups per day will be higher.