View upcoming meetings on desktop & join instantly from notifications

Is it time consuming to open Calendar in the Browser several times per day to view upcoming meetings and tasks? Is it a hassle to find the attendee on Slack and type the message that you are running late for the next meeting? Alkanzo app can help you here. With Alkanzo app you can... * Get a quick overview of upcoming meetings on desktop from menubar or with keyboard shortcut. * Instantly join meetings through timely notifications. * When running late for meeting, inform attendees instantly via Slack or Email right from Alkanzo app. * Instantly join meetings on Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex, BlueJeans etc. * App connects with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook Calendar. * App runs on MacOS, Windows and Linux. * On MacOS, you can quickly see the upcoming meeting appearing in the menu bar of your desktop. You can also view them using the Cmd + Y keyboard shortcut. * On Windows and Linux based OS (Ubuntu) you can quickly get an overview of meetings by clicking the app icon in the taskbar/menubar or by pressing Ctrl + Y keyboard shortcut. Try Alkanzo today and have peace of mind at joining online meetings. You can use the features in Pro subscription plan 90 days for free by applying promo code: PH90
Atharva Patel

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