Anti-counterfeiting platform


Zesc - search and fight counterfeiting in the online and offline space

Zesc is a new approach to fighting counterfeiting. We have created a platform that helps brands fight counterfeiting more effectively, while greatly reducing the waste of resources to do so. Brand? Create a task: spell out the terms, the cost of the task, set the budget you're willing to spend on it, and launch it. Soon you will start receiving notifications from the contractors registered on the platform. Check if the task is done correctly or trust Zesc to do it. Is it correct? Click approve and the contractor will be rewarded immediately. Then choose what to do with the offender - block the social network account, page on the marketplace or website; file a lawsuit to collect compensation, with the help of lawyers accredited by the platform, or temporarily postpone action. Post courses on the training portal and allow only those who have been tested. The commission of the platform is 20% of the amount you pay for the tasks. To reduce it, meet a number of conditions. Contractor? It doesn't matter what country you are in - there will be a job for you. Choose the tasks you like and get started. Found a counterfeit outside the scope of the task? Save the information to your favorites by marking the brand and get a notification as soon as the task becomes active. Zesc standardizes your work, making it easier and faster. We attract brands interested in your labour. There are no monthly fees for access to the platform - the commission is 10% of your earnings. Want to lower it? Do more tasks, do it well, get training and it will decrease.

I am the founder of the anti-counterfeiting platform Zesc