Atomic: AI planner for teams


Self hosted open source AI planner to solve your scheduling problems

Atomic is the AI calendar assistant that simplifies the process of scheduling meetings and managing tasks. With Atomic, you can: * Create recurring 1:1 meetings and flexible team meetings * Apply features to event attributes using semantic search * Augment events with time preferences and other attributes like tags and colors * Automate time blocking of tasks on your calendar based on deadline and priority information * Automate event tagging using an AI model Plus, the AI planner takes every attendee's calendar into account when scheduling new meetings, ensuring that all parties are available at the chosen time. Non-Atomic users can also join meetings and choose their own time preferences. And with the Autopilot feature, the AI planner runs daily to ensure that all of your meetings are scheduled and organized. Streamline your scheduling and task management process with Atomic. Try it today!