#1 tool for stylizing & previewing your LinkedIn posts before posting.

AuthoredIn is the #1 tool for creating, publishing, and repurposing content on Linkedin. It helps you to create content that will stand out in the feed and generate 2 to 5x more impressions on average. Using AuthoredIn you will improve the overall quality of the content, generate ideas for posts and repurpose the content you’ve already published. How does it work? AuthoredIn helps you add formatting to your Linkedin post (bold, italic, emojis), preview your Linkedin posts before publishing, store ideas in drafts, save templates, and store all posts that you’ve already published via AuthoredIn. On top of this AuthoredIn is working on scheduling Linkedin posts, collaborative content writing, and much more. All this improves the readability, efficacy, and overall yield of your content. AuthoredIn is a one-stop SaaS solution for content creators, marketing teams, sales teams, agencies, and businesses at all levels and for all niches publishing content on Linkedin.

#1 tool for previewing and stylizing your LinkedIn posts.