The feathery cross-platform API crafting tool

Beak makes building, spying, and collaborating on API development fast, frictionless, and dare we say... fun. Wether you're on Mac, Windows, or Linux, Beak will feel great to use. Powerful feature set From support for large API projects, realtime values, rich value editors, to baked in project encryption, for your most secretive of secrets ?. Realtime values Realtime values are inline variables you can insert into any part of your request that are calculated in real time as you type, and as you send requests. Un-opinionated collaboration Instead of trying to guess how your team works, Beak projects are simple folder and file structures, so you can fit it into your existing Git workflow however you want. This also means that your project data never leaves your machines or servers. Beautiful design language Taking inspiration from popular existing tools, Beak will feel powerful yet familiar, so you can spend less time learning, and more time hacking. Fully cross platform Wether you're on macOS, Windows, or Linux. Beak will look, work, and most importantly, feel the same. Comprehensive extensions API Coming soon, is an expansive extensions API, allowing you to create custom plugins for realtime values, authentication providers, and more. Make Beak your own.
Alexander Forbes-Reed

Software Engineer working on things