Fast & powerful synchronization solution for Windows, Linux and macOS

ByteSync is a data synchronization & backup solution that dramatically reduces deployment and transfer time, while offering features rarely seen on the market. The solution is powered by the cloud and rsync, and it is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. Here are some of ByteSync key benefits. == Fast deployment == ByteSync is up and running in minutes, with a similar deployment process regardless of operating system. Most of the time, there are no firewall settings to deal with. == Always-On Security == Highest level of security and privacy is guaranteed by end-to-end encryption (E2EE) with AES-256 and the use of the HTTPS protocol. == Up to 5 participants in multi-way == Most existing tools allow for one-to-one, sometimes one-to-two backups. With ByteSync, up to 5 remote or local machines can join in a Cloud Session and synchronize data freely. == Detailed comparison of diffs == ByteSync accurately presents the location and content information of the files so that the user can easily decide what actions to take. == Optimal synchronization performance == Only the parts that differ between files are transferred. And when the same data needs to be transferred to multiple participants, it is only sent once, buffered and then downloaded by each recipient.
Paul Fresquet

Founder of ByteSync, an easy and fast data synchronization solution for Windows, Linux & macOS.