HRTech platform that helps remote or hybrid teams be on the same page.

Cadrelo is hr-tech team platform that puts everyone on the same page. Whether fully remote, hybrid or co-located Cadrelo exists to help every team reach their potential. The platform helps: 1. Align focus - Streamline team focus, engage and align everyone to move in the same direction. 2. Connect teams- No matter how or where your team chooses to work, Cadrelo unlocks the human side of teams to help them achieve anything. 3. Supercharge success - Cadrelo supports teams with processes that build trust, and high-performance practices that unlock success. We are building connected workplaces – where a little bit of magic ensures team members and managers feel supported, empowered and included. What is available for you and your team: ⚑ Team sync - Async daily standup to provide transparency on work and progress πŸ™Œ Team directory - Share the human side and build deeper connections with the team 🎯 Goals and objectives - Single destination to review team objectives and bring together insights πŸ’– Pulse board - Continually share, discuss and act on feedback, whether async, live, or hybrid Now with Slackβ„’ and Jiraβ„’ integration! πŸ€“
Salih Mujcic

Product person with experience in building product from paper to production.