Integrate Stripe with Salesforce

ChargeOn helps businesses to set up a global payment system instantly, enabling payments to inflow immediately, expediting the growth of companies. It is a 100% native app on Salesforce which uses the world-class secure API from Stripe for payment processing. Here are some of the features: 1. PCI-compliant credit card & ACH payments. 2. Map any other custom/standard object to set up Payment using the ChargeOn object. 3. Allows taking payment in cents and USD. 4. 100% native payment processing. 5. Manage stripe payment within the salesforce platform using embedded buttons. 6. No need to worry about manual inputs or messy payment integrations. 7. Point to point encryption solution. 8. Auditable and compatible 3rd party integrations. By using ChargeOn businesses can: ✔ Save Time ✔ Save Costs ✔ Manage Payments effectively ✔ Process Payments Faster ✔ Reduce Manual Workload ✔ Manage Global transactions easily Your One-Stop solution for customer billing is here and is FREE.
Abhishek Sharma

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