The Developer's Diff Tool

We were frustrated with text diffs on GitHub PRs, so we made DiffLens ( to produce language aware diffs on PRs. DiffLens constructs an Abstract Syntax Tree for each file, and uses that semantic information to intelligently diff changes. Checkout the demo on our website ( If you review code, especially TypeScript, JavaScript or CSS, give DiffLens a try, it's free! We're looking for feedback! If you share our frustrations with reviewing code changes, we'd love to talk to you. Most developers already have a favorite diff tool installed locally but there exists very little for reviewing code changes online, so we worked on DiffLens slowly over a number of years. We use it to review our own code changes, and we love it. We'd really appreciate thoughts and insights about the idea and its execution from developers and will answer any questions that come up. Thanks for reading!

A developer working on difflens (