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Drutas is a Agile product Management tool.

“Drutas”, we at are trying to solve problems a software product development teams face, We are doing it with regular feedback as the teams use Drutas for their product development processes.

We have realised that Agile Product Development is difficult to track. Many times an idea comes to mind and we skip it, we are tried our best to deliver the best products which were only possible with a strong team like which beliefs in giving life to the ideas.

Drutas an Agile Product management tool

Tool that caters to the need of capturing tasks/ bugs/ feature requests with screenshots and markdowns support
From sources like Gmail, desktop and chrome browser
A tool that supports collaboration in the form of task specific comments and discussion threads, Group and p2pchats, emails and video calls.
Tool that helps in project planning by making it easy to break down epics into user stories, releases, sprints and tasks, estimate them, priorities them,

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