Easily Manage and Prioritize Feature Requests From Your Users

FeatureDog is a feature request management platform for small software and SaaS businesses. With FeatureDog, users can: - Have a single point of truth where they can collect feature requests in a centralized, visible location. - Use the data you collect to inform strategic decisions for new or modified product features. - Easily identify the top requested items that can be considered for your roadmap through the use of a voting system. Easily communicate with users and stakeholders about new features and in your product roadmap. - Save time in reviewing and responding to customer feature asks. - Earmark a smaller amount of time to review, categorize, and prioritize what to build next using sorting, tagging, and filtering. - Have the discussion where the data is!
Tyler Christy

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Cinephile, Philadelphia Sports Optimist, Dog Father.