Fire AI


Quick maps, simple data processing, and share insights with ease.

Fire AI provides a modern, streamlined solution for wildfire intelligence. Our platform allows firefighters to create, edit, share, and store their maps in one place, making it easier to quickly understand the fire, map it with drones, and share insights with ease. Fire AI is designed by firefighters, for firefighters.Fire AI's platform includes a range of user-friendly tools, advanced permissions, and a modern interface for managing fires, team members, and more. Loaded with collaborative features--changes and updates made by one person are synced across devices and all of your data is easily transferable to other GIS platforms. Fire AI also offers a plugin marketplace called MApp Store, which makes it easy to find what you need for custom mapping and data processing. Our software encourages innovation and the growth of a community around more holistic fire management. Join us as we ignite curiosity and revolutionize wildfire intelligence.
Peter Carscadden