Quickly compare your returns across stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, options, and more.

Quickly compare returns across your stocks, bonds, real estate, crypto, options, and more. KNOW WHERE YOU STAND Tracking returns and income across all your investment types can be tedious and difficult. Ditch the spreadsheet - let us crunch the numbers and organize the results so you know where you stand. We deliver the data you need to better plan your next move. MAKE BETTER DECISIONS With clear and concise data you can make better decisions and learn from mistakes. We give you tools to group your investments, see net worth distribution, compare your returns to benchmarks, sort data tables in many ways, and more. That which is measured, improves. KEEP YOUR DATA PRIVATE We don't want your brokerage or bank logins, we won't sell you financial advice, and we don't want to know your age or financial goals. All the transaction data you enter with us is yours, export it all whenever you want. We exist to make tools for better investing, not to sell your data to the highest bidder. STAY UP TO DATE Enter new transactions in the app or drop in statements from major brokerages. US stock and crypto prices are updated every 15 minutes. US stocks also show recent price changes, estimated dividends, and key events. For other assets, get reminders to enter updates so you can keep everything current
Nathaniel Burke

Founder of FortunesRise for investors