Grip Meter App


Track your grip strength, get health and fitness insights.

This is the app for people interested in measuring their grip strength for improved health and fitness. Grip Meter makes it easy to record grip data and gain valuable statistical insights. What is Grip Strength? Grip strength is a well-studied effective biomarker that is easy to measure with a hand grip dynamometer. Why measure grip strength? Grip has often been measured in older adults for assessments of sarcopenia though it is now increasingly being used by athletes, special forces and performance artists to assess their progress, monitor recovery and prevent injury. Measuring your grip strength can give you insights about your health and fitness status as it is predictive for upper limb function, bone mineral density, malnutrition, cognitive impairment, depression, sleep problems, diabetes, and more. The best insights are only possible from good statistical analysis and feedback that this app provides. Make use of your hand strength measurements with Grip Meter. → Easily record values from your hand grip dynamometer. → Get immediate and valuable statistical analysis.
Matej Marjanovic

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