Marketing & Sales Growth Platform SaaS

Launched is a sales enablement and audience engagement platform that helps brands to identify prospects in the market who are researching topics related to their offering. Create target account and campaigns and distribute campaigns to our partner network programmatically and then generate leads all from one centralised location. The Launched platform is split into 4 core modules. 1. Publish - A free to use tool that connects brands and PR agencies to publishers to submit content for editorial review. 2. Intent (Powered by Bombora) - Allows brands to type in topics and keywords and gives a list of companies who are actively researching those topics & keywords to create target account lists) 3. Awareness - Programmatically connects to advertising space whether that be digitally, OOH, Video, TV and more to create campaigns using AI and then distribute them campaigns out to their target account list across their chosen mediums. Reporting on Awareness metrics such as impressions, CTR, engagements etc. Finally buy not least number 4. Engagement, which allows the user to define a criteria for their leads and upload their brand assets which are then used by our lead generation team behind the scenes to generate leads via inbound marketing. Leads are then automatically captured via forms and added to the users campaign dashboard for review. Users can then review, reject and accept leads and then "Push to CRM" via our integrations with Salesforce & Hubspot.
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