Magento Marketo Integration Connector

The product is designed to help eCommerce stores built on Magento/Adobe Commerce automate business processes and accelerate conversions. Maginate helps eCommerce businesses deliver a holistic and personalized customer experience by leveraging Marketo capabilities. Here’s the list of the features Maginate offers: Customer Data Sync The connector syncs your Magento store’s customer data seamlessly in Marketo by creating a new lead or associating it with an existing lead in real-time. Furthermore,when the customer updates his profile (eg.Firstname, Last name) from either the front-end or Magento’s admin instance,then it will be automatically updated in Marketo as well. Order Information Capture The connector lets you track the activities of customers through order and product details, like the quantity of the items purchased, billing and shipping address, order status, and more. Any changes made to the shipping/billing address will be reflected in Marketo in real-time. Unknown Lead Mapping The connector enables you to associate an unknown lead’s tracking history with known customer data to get a view of the customer’s journey with the help of Marketo’s Munchkin Cookie. Cart Abandonment For the customers that did not complete the order, the connector helps you track the information so as to set up nurture emails to send offers for conversion. Historical Data Push You also have the option to push the old customer data along with their orders in Marketo that may be lying in your Magento store before installing the connector. Automated Email Nurturing Send automated & highly targeted emails to existing customers letting them know about your product offerings and marketing newsletters. Forms Prefill and Progressive Profiling Use smart Marketo forms to gradually gain lead intelligence and capture more information with every new touchpoint. DDoS Secure DDoS attacks on a website won’t affect the connector as it comes with configurable prevention. Maginate also comes with a full-featured FREE trial!
Madhur Sodhi

Marketing Specialist at Grazitti Interactive