Mailr - AI Email Assistant


Write and reply to emails using the power of ChatGPT

Stop wasting valuable time each day answering emails. Instead, use the power of artificial intelligence and reply to any email in 3 simple steps. ✍️First, give Mailr the intention (goal of your email) in a few words 😃Next, choose from 10+ custom tones (ex. friendly, informal, persuasive, etc.) 🪄Sit back, and watch Mailr save you hours of work each day! Mailr is the ultimate tool for both individuals and businesses to manage and optimize their email communication. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT-3/Chat-GPT, Mailr allows you to save time and write better emails. Whether you’re writing a formal business email or a casual message to a friend, Mailr will provide you with the best possible email generation in any scenario.
Rohan Philip

Entrepreneur, Developer, Innovator