Mercury is a web framework for converting Python Notebooks into interactive web applications

Mercury - is the easiest way to convert your Python notebook to an interactive web app and share it with others. You can define the User Interface by adding a YAML header. No need to rewrite your notebook into any web framework. Just define input widgets with YAML and deploy notebook as a web app to the server. >Define Notebook's parameters as YAML (similar as in R Markdown) >Interactive widgets are constructed based on YAML params >Hide Notebook's code - great for sharing with non-coders >Allow others to execute notebook with new parameters You can host an unlimited number of notebooks apps >Share as many applications as you need >Use built-in application gallery Mercury web framework can be easily used in development and deployed in production. >The development mode is excellent for creating new Notebook-apps >Deploy to production by copying Notebooks and requirements.txt to the server >Start Mercury with docker-compose command

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