Buy & Sell online goods using MEX secured in Escrow

MEXBAY D.A.O. Project for Elrond Network Community Market Place helping people to buy and sell online goods using Elrond Tokens ​​The need to have a Buy&Sell platform for any type of goods & services using MEX, EGLD & USDC and other Maiar Exchange Listed Tokens is imperative for Elrond Community . MEXbay wants to be a professional solution to this necessity to withstand the test of time and to be a major key element for online commerce in the Elrond Network . ​ MEXbay is a decentralized project that supports the Elrond Team goals and especially the MEX token wich is going to have the lowest fees on this platform simply for encouraging MEX transactions and increase the token utility . For Safety reasons the Escrow Service will be added as optional Check-out method for all the products and services listed on the platform. ​ Primary : MEX, EGLD, USDC . All Tokens listed on Maiar Exchange will also be supported by MEXbay Platform
NFT Monk

project manager @MEXbay