Do you want to increase the productivity of your company? Monitup want to help you work efficiently.

Do you want to increase the productivity of your company, your team? Monitup helps teams see how they are spending time - and where time can be spent better. Working hard is not working efficiently. Monitup want to help you work efficiently. When more companies have team members working remotely, Monitup helps drive productivity and helps remote teams hold themselves accountable. Monitup simple tool runs in the background and generates logs based on application usage. You can use the MonitUp software on your Windows computers. Since it consumes very little resources, it does not cause any slowdown or excessive resource consumption on your computer. Features are designed to provide full transparency for the team owners. - Optional screenshots, app and URL tracking. - Group applications by type “productive” vs “non-productive” or neutral. - Examine key processes - like open and close times - to create a rich dashboard that gives a birds eye view on productivity metrics for your team, as well as spot problems before they get out of control. - Track computer performance. - Check the check-in times. - Monitor the time your children spend in front of the computer for parents. Let MonitUp help you Employee monitoring and Employe tracking remotely. Get access today! All Future Standard Plan updates - Open/Close Time List - Real-time session info - PC Performances - PC Group - Work Time - Track apps - Track URLs - Identifying Productive apps - Screenshots - 1 month of image storage - 365 days of data storage *********************************************************************************** This is Faruk Durak, Founder of MonitUp! In the period when we could not leave our homes due to Covid-19, we had to use our time better and work more efficiently. MonitUp aims to increase the productivity of employees and companies. We have to make good use of our most precious thing, our time. We aim to integrate technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning into Monitup and offer suggestions for you in order to do our work more efficiently in the future. MonitUp also helps parents understand the time their children spend at the computer. Currently only suitable for Windows operating systems. For MonitUp to work, you only need to be connected to the internet. You must purchase one for each computer. We carefully host your data on our secure servers. If you have a suggestion, please write to us, you can be sure that we will take it into account. MonitUp currently runs on the Windows operating system. MonitUp is automatically activated when the computer is turned on and works silently. All data is saved only on the secured cloud server. MonitUp works even if people are involved outside the company. It is enough to be connected to the Internet. ??? Important Links ??? ? Website: ? Facebook - ?? LinkedIn - ? Email: ? Presentation: Cheers! Faruk Durak
Faruk Durak

Founder of MonitUp