OctopusPro is a cloud-based service management software

OctopusPro is a cloud-based software for managing service businesses. Its features provide a comprehensive solution for managing customer relations, bookings, invoicing, payments, staff, and field workers. Efficient Booking & Appointment Management OctopusPro enables real-time scheduling and management of appointments, making it easier to handle client booking requests. Clients can book and pay online for services, including packages, add-ons, products, and gift vouchers. OctopusPro also supports group bookings, classes, lessons, and subscriptions, and allows for multiple addresses and adjustable capacities. In addition, field workers have the ability to create bookings, and administrators have access to waiting lists, custom forms, and checklists for improved accuracy and consistency. Optimize Fieldworker Scheduling & Management OctopusPro's scheduling tools allow for effortless assignment of the right fieldworker for each job, taking into account real-time availability, travel radius, and service requirements. Emergency and last-minute bookings can be quickly assigned to the nearest fieldworker, reducing travel time and improving efficiency. OctopusPro also provides tools to monitor availability, send job requests, and assign workers to appointments directly. Automated Job Request, Assignment and Confirmation OctopusPro offers the option for automatic or manual job request and assignment. The automatic assignment feature ensures prompt action for urgent and last-minute tasks, and the flexible job request feature allows for appropriate distribution of services and appointments. Field workers have the option to accept or decline job requests and suggest alternative availability, facilitating clear communication and allocation of multiple workers to booked services. Customers and administrators can monitor the status of job assignments and confirmations. Automated Billing, Invoicing, and Quote Management OctopusPro provides a comprehensive billing solution, including the ability to generate custom quotes and invoices, automate reminders and recurring billing, merge and combine invoices, monitor due dates, process online payments and refunds, and more. Customers can review, accept, or decline quotes, sign and approve invoices, and pay holding deposits. Automated Invoice Follow-up & Payment Collection OctopusPro helps manage invoicing and payment processes with automated follow-up features, including the ability to send reminders and confirmations to customers and field workers through SMS and email. Administrators can monitor open and overdue invoices and send targeted messages to the appropriate parties. OctopusPro also integrates with leading payment gateways, allowing for seamless payment options and the ability for fieldworkers to process payments on-site. Payment Management & Integration OctopusPro integrates with accounting software like Xero and Quickbooks, providing real-time financial data syncing, improving accuracy, and streamlining invoicing. OctopusPro also provides a variety of payment options, including online payment through the website, email invoices with payment links, and app payment, with the added convenience of securely storing and managing customers' preferred payment methods. Built-in Calendar with Google Calendar Integration OctopusPro's built-in calendar integrates with Google Calendar, allowing for real-time syncing of bookings and events between calendars, and simplifying coordination of field operations. Staff and field workers can view each other's schedules, providing improved visibility into work hours and availability. Track & Improve Workforce Effectiveness Provide improved accessibility to job-related information for your workforce, improving communication and coordination for increased efficiency and productivity. OctopusPro also allows for tracking and analysis of workforce performance, with the ability to set goals and track progress, providing valuable insights into workforce performance and allowing for targeted improvement.

OctopusPro is a mobile workforce booking management system for all mobile or field services.