Synchronise your calendars in real time

OneCal is a productivity tool that helps you more easily manage your meetings across multiple calendars. It allows you to focus on your work instead of juggling meetings between your calendars and it also helps your team know exactly when you're available. Main Features: 1. Real-Time Updates: Your calendars are automatically updated in real-time as the original events change or new events are added. 2. Multi-Way Syncs: Choose from one-way or multi-way syncs between 2 or more calendars. Set up once and forget. 3. Fully Configurable: You have all the necessary tools to easily configure exactly what you want to sync over. No more, no less. 4. Privacy Focused: We only store the data we absolutely need to perform the sync. No data about your events is stored in our systems. 5. Team Plans: We offer team plans for your whole organization to start using OneCal and sync their calendars. 6. Simple Interface: No need for extensive doc pages. Everything is clearly explained and good defaults are provided out of the box. You can click the link below for a product demo:
Eraldo Forgoli

Startup founder