The collaborative photography app.

The collaborative photography app. [ABOUT] Are you tired of social media platforms that limit your creativity and distract you with constant notifications, tagging, and view counts? Introduce yourself to a revolutionary new way to share your photos - Passboards. You can forget about restrictions and post an unlimited number of photos in any way that you want. With no internal messaging, recommended users page, or other distractions, you can focus on what truly matters - your creativity. Instead of a traditional profile, we have something even better - boards. These boards are a new way of collaborating, where multiple members can contribute to a single board. These boards can be made public or private, and can have up to 100 members. Board members can add and edit content, invite other users, and even view private boards. Imagine a place where you can share your photos with like-minded people, who can share their own pictures and ideas. We also understand that quality is key, that is why all images are exported in their original quality, ensuring that your content is always looking its best. You can be sure that you are getting the best of both worlds: unrestricted creativity and an easy-to-use platform that encourages collaboration and connection. Download our app today and start sharing your photos in a whole new way! [HOW IT WORKS] • Unleash your creativity and collaborate with others by creating your own boards, inviting members, and sharing your photos with the world. • With our easy-to-use platform, you can create a board and start posting to it right away, or save it for later. Add titles and descriptions to your posts, or go free-form, the choice is yours. • Stay up-to-date with all the boards your favorite users are contributing to with our convenient home page, which organizes all the boards you have access to in chronological order. • Show off your boards to your Instagram followers by easily sharing them directly to your Instagram stories. [CLOSING NOTES] If you have any recommendations for improving the application, feel free to contact support as listed below. Support: Terms of Service: Privacy Policy:
Maximilian Khan

Software Engineer