Request Finance's Payroll to be simplify payroll operations in crypto

Manage your Web3 teams with crypto payroll Employees in Web3 companies are eager to receive a part of their salary and bonuses directly in crypto. We give you the tools to improve your HR and finance experience for your employees.‍ ✅ Pay full or partial salaries in crypto ✅ Pay bonuses in crypto ✅ Allocate shares of your token to build loyalty Processing benefits in crypto has never been more straightforward ✅ Multi-currency, multi-chain support ✅ Lower transaction fees especially for global teams ✅ On-board team members by uploading a .csv file ✅ Schedule recurring salaries Crypto Payroll Management from A to Z Simply auto-fill your employees' personal information and wallet addresses when payday comes. ✅ See your employee data securely in one place ✅ Manage your team by business units ✅ Salaries and bonuses in crypto ✅ Pay a team in 1-click ✅ Stream your salary payments
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