Pedestal: Fitness & Workouts


Use periodization to maximize your fitness results.

Training for an event or just keeping fit, leave it to Pedestal to generate exercise plans customized for your fitness level and goals. You’ll know exactly what to do, when to do it, and for how long. Your heart rate zones and weight lifting recommendations are calculated based on available data, updating as you progress. No access to equipment? You can train anytime, anywhere. SCIENCE OF PERIODIZATION • Varies your training load to help you adapt to higher intensities • Ensures you have adequate time to recover • Prevents you from plateauing, while decreasing the risk of injury • Constantly challenges the body to help you achieve your peak performance TRAINING WITH HEART RATE ZONES • Auto-calculates heart rate zones based on age, weight, sex and VO₂ max TAILORED TO YOUR FITNESS LEVEL • Beginner friendly • General fitness enthusiasts • Athletes training for competition FITNESS PLANS • Athletic Performance • Cardio Endurance • Body Building STRENGTH, CARDIO & RECOVERY • Gym Workouts • Dumbbell Classes • Body Weight Classes • Treadmill • Cycling • Rowing • HITT • Stretch MUSIC PLAYLISTS: Play music within Pedestal by connecting to your Apple Music or Spotify account. UNMATCHED VARIETY: Every class and workout is generated specifically for you. NO EQUIPMENT, NO PROBLEM: Pedestal has plenty of options to exercise without equipment at home or in a hotel room. Going to a new gym? You can easily adjust what equipment is available to you. ADAPTS TO YOUR SCHEDULE: Sick or busy? Your fitness plan will auto-adjust to account for missed days. INDIVIDUAL CLASSES: Can't commit to a multi-week fitness plan? Pedestal has plenty of individual classes. HEALTH APP INTEGRATION: Sync Pedestal with Apple Health (activate in your iPhone Settings → Health → Data Access & Devices → Pedestal) to get accurate calculations for your heart rate zones and program details. WORKS WITH APPLE WATCH: Using an Apple Watch is recommended but Pedestal has also been optimized to function without one.
Peter Bonac

Co-founder of Pedestal.