A no-code platform for building AI apps to embed into websites

Pickaxe is a no-code platform for building, deploying, and managing AI apps and chatbots to embed directly into websites. The no-code builder offers a simple, intuitive interface for creating apps based around prompt frames. The robust embedding system allows users to embed their prompts as apps or chatbots into websites (Wordpress, Wix, webflow, notion, etc.) in minutes with no code. The monitoring system allows users to manage their apps through simple dashboards and to improve and iterate based on results that work. Pickaxe is building out features constantly and is focused on becoming the easiest no-code platform for creating LLM apps. Pickaxe's conviction is that in the future most websites will deliver value through AI content rather than static content. Website: BetaPage users can use this code for 10% off: BetaPage
Pickaxe AI

Pickaxe is a no-code platform for building AI apps and embedding them into your website.