Serve machine learning models in no time. 100% test coverage. Fast to code, fast to go alive.

Pinferencia tries to be the simplest AI model inference server ever! Serving a model with REST API has never been so easy. If you want to - find a simple but robust way to serve your model - write minimal codes while maintain controls over you service -avoid any heavy-weight solutions - easily to integrate with your CICD You're at the right place. Pinferencia features include: - Fast to code, fast to go alive. Minimal codes needed, minimal transformation needed. Just based on what you have. - 100% Test Coverage: Both statement and branch coverages, no kidding. - Easy to use, easy to understand. - Automatic API documentation page. All API explained in details with online try-out feature. - Serve any model, even a single function can be served.
Jiuhe WANG

I'm a machine learning platform engineer.