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Pingu compares prices, delivery times, offers and deals across online websites like Amazon & Flipkar

Team: tushargupta
Pingu helps you save time and money online, by getting the best prices across Amazon, Flipkart, among others, and helps you get your products delivered faster.

- We find the best prices, even if it's available right on the same website.
- We compare prices for you, so you don't have to!
- Can spare a few extra bucks for faster delivery? We'll show you which websites can get the product fastest to you!
- We'll scan for the latest offers on credit/debit cards, and let you know if you should use a specific one to get maximum benefits!
- Pingu lives in a small space on your shopping websites, and does not crowd and hinder your shopping experience by displaying overlays or popups.
- You can always click on the Pingu Button to know about the latest offers and deals across websites!

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