Digital Workspace Organizer. All your web apps in one place.

Rambox is a digital workspace organizer that boosts productivity for professionals who use web apps frequently. It centralizes all your apps, making it easy to organize and access frequently used applications in one place. With over 700 pre-configured apps, including Gmail, WhatsApp, Facebook, iCloud, and more, you can instantly add them to your workspace. And if your app isn't listed, no problem - you can add any custom app in a few easy steps. Rambox synchronizes app configurations and can disable notifications across all devices in the user dashboard, automatically hibernating inactive apps to free up memory. Plus, users can apply CSS styling and JS code to improve each app's design and performance. Other features include: dark mode, do not disturb mode, spell checking, ad blocking, password management, notification management, and keyboard shortcuts.
Alfredo Reche

Rambox team.