The fastest website feedback tool to leave comments and make real-time edits on live websites!

ruttl is the fastest website feedback tool that allows users to leave comments directly on live website and make real time edits so they can give precise change values to the developers. To review fully developed websites, currently people take screenshots, encircle design issues and share them in a word document or have long meetings with the developers to the get the changes implemented. The average time required to review any page using such methods is over 3-4 hours alone, which makes such methods inefficient and time consuming! That’s why we built ruttl! Packed with powerful features, it allows users to edit content, replace images, make design changes to web elements and share all kinds of changes need to get implemented by developers. With over 4000+ users, ruttl has streamlined the entire process of giving web design feedback and become the favorite go-to design feedback tool for designers, developers, and agencies across the world!
Harsh Vijay

Build to help designers and developers collect better feedback on web design projects!