SparkReceipt: receipt scanner


Scan receipts, invoices & business documents. Track expenses & income.

Say goodbye to cluttered drawers and piles of paper receipts, invoices, and bank statements with SparkReceipt! ORGANIZE YOUR BUSINESS DOCUMENTS EFFORTLESSLY Managing all your business documents is now easier than ever with this simple solution. SparkReceipt features an advanced receipt scanner with OCR technology. This allows you to easily scan receipts, crop images, digitize documents, and store all bank statements, or other documents in the cloud. QUICK AND ACCURATE RECEIPT SCANNING With SparkReceipt's quick and accurate receipt scanning feature, you can save time and effort. The receipt scanner utilizes advanced OCR technology to accurately scan receipts. It can even auto-fill receipt data, making the process even more effortless. CLOUD STORAGE All your documents are securely stored in the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere with an internet connection. And don't worry about losing your data, as everything is backed up and accessible from any device. MULTI-USER SUPPORT FOR TEAM COLLABORATION Whether you have a team or want to share expenses with others, we have you covered. SparkReceipt offers multi-user support, which means you can easily invite other users to join the platform. This feature allows you to keep your expenses organized and collaborate with others effortlessly. CATEGORIZE DOCUMENTS Sorting through your expenses is a breeze with SparkReceipt. You can easily sort through your expenses by document category, tags, or by user. This will help you keep track of your expenses and find what you're looking for. FOR EVERYONE Whether you’re a freelancer or you own a business, this app has been made entirely for you! Moreover, SparkReceipt will allow you to set your own currency. Choose and the app will perform your expense tracking in your own preferred currency. EASY SHARING WITH YOUR ACCOUNTANT Sharing your receipts with your accountant for easy bookkeeping has never been simpler with SparkReceipt. You can easily share your receipts with your accountant, ending the need to send receipts or documents via email attachments. SparkReceipt also believes in security and privacy – provide a time limit and the shared receipts will get hidden whenever you want them to. BOOKKEEPING MADE EASY WITH SEARCH The powerful search feature allows you to search for documents by name, description, or even by the text in the image. This will make it easy to quickly find the documents you need. SCAN DOCUMENTS FROM ANYWHERE. ACCESS DOCUMENTS FROM ANYWHERE With SparkReceipt's web app, you can manage your documents easily when you have access to any laptop or desktop computer. This gives you even more flexibility and convenience in managing your business documents. EXPENSE TRACKING SIMPLIFIED SparkReceipt makes tracking your receipts and other business documents simple and efficient. The app will generate useful bar graphs to help explain the records. You can also filter the data by choosing specific documents, tags and time periods. Important Features: - No ads - Simplistic interface - Easy-to-use image editing and cropping tools - Secure and private SparkReceipt is an excellent tool to scan documents, track receipts and other business documents, as well as sorting and tracking expenses. It also allows for easy collaboration with team members and simplifies the expense reporting process. Give it a try today and discover how easy managing your business documents can be!
Antti Laitinen

Developer at, creator of SparkReceipt receipt scanner app.