Easily create and launch your web scraping bot

stablerSOLO is a data extraction and web scraping bot as a service 🤖. You will be able to configure your scrapers with a low-code interface. It allows developers 👨‍💻 and data scientists 👩‍🔬 to easily extract data without the hassle of coding their own scraper every time. The bot configuration is represented by a Graph ፨ where each node is an action that will be performed by the bot: visit a URL, click on a button, paginate, make a REST API call, run JavaScript code, push data to MongoDB, ... We handle all the heavy lifting of managing a data extraction bot 🏭: jobs orchestration, errors handling, concurrency, fault resilience, … Our extraction monitoring dashboard helps you easily maintain your recurring extractions and quickly update your configurations if the website changes. Keys features of the platform: ✅ Modular and low-code configuration interface ✅ Ability to run JavasScript code on the fly ✅ Multiple scraping engines available (Chromium to scrap JavaScript heavy websites or Crawler) ✅ Extensive learning ressources and documentation ✅ A dedicated discord channel to share know-how and challenges ✅ Push data to Google Sheet, MongoDB or any REST API ✅ Pull data from your data sources and use it for your extraction strategy (Stabler Academy) ! Check out our Stabler Academy Youtube 📹 channel : We offer a FREE 7-day trial period (no credit card required) to test the product !
Anis Gandoura

Loves creating useful tech for businesses & individuals! Cofounder of 2 startups: daco & stabler