Swapstack | Newsletter Ad-Tech


Swapstack is a PPC network for digital newsletter sponsorships.

Swapstack is the self-serve newsletter marketing platform that lets you sponsor countless independent newsletters (like Flipboard) without the added stress of emails and logistics. Choose between a CPA or PPC model and work with up to 1,000 publishers at once! Plus, enjoy a streamlined sponsorship process that eliminates back-and-forth with the publisher, making it a win/win for both sides and getting your sponsorships out in the world with minimal turnaround time. For brands, Swapstack makes it easy to create custom sponsorships and connect with publishers via a simple chat box. And for publishers, Swapstack lets you monetize your work and connect with sponsors, whether you're looking for immediate opportunities via the affiliate network, the PPC tool or more bespoke arrangements, Swapstack facilitates it all. Sponsorships can either be one-off, recurring or always on depending on the approach you take. For maximum exposure, a combination of CPA and PPC tools are recommended! With 60 million audiences and 1,000+ publishers, Swapstack's innovative ad-tech is a win-win for everyone!
Mo Turgunov

Part of the team at Swapstack, who build ad-tech for digital newsletter sponsorships.