The Personality Test For Modern Teams

There’s no “I” in team, so why are we still using individual personality tests from the 1950s in the modern workplace? Think of TeamDynamics as a team personality test. Instead of focusing on the personality of an individual (like Big Five, Myers-Briggs MBTI, Enneagram, DiSC, StrengthsFinder, and HBDI), TeamDynamics assesses the “personality” of the collective group. TeamDynamics captures the realities of how teams get work done today, with insights to help you build your team and manage it better. Invite your team, complete your individual assessment, and after everyone has responded you'll get concrete recommendations to improve team performance tailored to the unique characteristics of your team and its members. From there, you can use these insights to transform the way your team functions — from team culture and norms, to communication, decision-making, planning, recruiting, team development, and more. You'll also receive an individualized analysis of where you feel natural fit and friction with your team's core behaviors, helping you improve your individual performance and job satisfaction. Get more done (and have more fun while doing it!) with TeamDynamics!
Christopher Morrison

Builder, founder, funder.