Uniskai by Profisea Labs


AI-Based Cloud Cost Reduction Platform

Uniskai by Profisea Labs is likely the most comprehensive AI-driven cloud cost reduction platform that can save up to 75% of your monthly cloud bills via rich network visibility, AI-generated policies, and detailed actionable reports. Our all-in-one scalable cloud cost reduction platform offers a wide range of features for DevOps teams to manage and optimize costs across the entire organization: Delete unused assets with the waste manager Rightsize instances Spot development and mission-critical machines Schedule automated hibernation Purchase smart saving plans Save money by automating your cloud management process. Stop spending time on manual cloud infrastructure tasks and boost DevOps productivity with smart notifications and actionable insights. “I see that Uniskai platform is saving money and trying to work for me, rather than me working on the platform”, - say our clients. Start saving money on cloud bills with Uniskai!
Iryna Kozirevych

Marketing manager at Profisea Labs