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Veklar is an independent project that prioritizes data protection, discretion and respect for the privacy of its users. Veklar does not collect your data, sell any information, use any algorithm, or analyze your online habits, interests, or behavior. ⛔ No sale, analysis or collection of your data ⛔ Anonymous likes and follows ⛔ Full control over your online presence ⛔ No ads, no sponsored content But Veklar doesn't just respect you, it's also a project that brings gaming to the fore by providing features for gamers, streamers and content creators. Discover a huge database, from the most popular to the most anticipated games, about which you can exchange and share your contents. Bring your community to life by putting your streamer activity at the heart of your presence on Veklar. Find community tools to highlight teams, clans, guilds, and connect players. Register before the official launch to unlock the mention « Member since the dawn of time » This limited offer show your presence on Veklar since the very beginning! Concerned about online security, passionate about video games, join the adventure now!
Anthony Adams

Just a guy trying humbly to restore privacy in this world