Google Meet and MS Teams app that optimize virtual sales meetings

Hello Betapagers! 🖐 My name is Franck - founder at Excited to launch and introduce Verticalls to the community here! Today I'm introducing our new meeting intelligence platform that boost your KPI's to improve the performance of your business. 🚀 How It Works? 1/ An app fully integrate with your prefered video call software like Microsoft Teams and Google Meet (We are working on Zoom also) 2/ The dashboard where you can setup all your tools for your sales/csm team Use all the sales/csm support tools at your disposal to perform during your videoconference: checklists, sales pitches, battlecards, meeting script, crm viewer and crm qualifier ‍ 3/ Transcription and recording of meetings Whether it's to improve, to find information, or simply to report on a meeting, access the audio recording or the written transcription of your videocall. 4/ Analytics and interactive report Find the complete schedule of your meeting with the interactive report. Thanks to statistics, measure your performance, that of your teams, or your sales support tools: interactions, performances... ‍ 5/ CRM synchronization and integrations with your calendar No more drudgery of double-entry, Verticalls synchronizes your meeting data with your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, pipedrive, Dynamics). Keep your habits and create your Verticalls meetings directly from Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar. 🥳 And other features are coming... ;) Try it for free for 14 days with no credit card needed, i would love to hear your feedback, ideas and questions 👇

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