Waly: Maximize Savings


Your Pay Assistant, Helping users Earn more Cashback & Save more with Rewards from CreditCards

Free & Easy way to earn more cash back, rewards, points or miles from your credit cards following waly advise whether you shop In-stores, online, dining at restaurants, ordering food, buying groceries, filling up gas, paying bills or spending on everyday purchases. iOS:- Chrome:- Safari:- Pay with Confidence - Now You can get automated advise notifications over Millions of Places, 5000+ websites across 600+ reward categories with 300+ credit cards from major banks. Waly helps you take the guess work out and eliminates hard to understand merchant, place, program rules, inclusions, exclusions etc., and identify the right card. Most users easily save up to $600/yr! how good is that? With Waly by your side on spending in online and retail, your card statements will be the testament telling you how much free rewards you are earning.
Naren Ravi

Innovator with passion to build innovative products and services that brings new user experiences