World News API


World-wide news in one API.

Search International News Sources The News API searches through thousands of news outlets world wide allowing you to get multiple views on the same issue. News is indexed in real time so you will get breaking news in the API as well as historic data. Search by Location everywhere on Earth News texts often mention locations such as cities, neighborhoods, or points of interest. We tag these locations which allows you to search for news that mention any location within a certain area. Semantic search and text filtering combined Semantic search allows you to find entities without caring about the exact spelling or synonyms used. For example, finding news about the USA you can search for Location:USA and all news mentioning the USA will be returned, no matter if they talk about the "US", the "United States" or the "United States of America". You can also search for pure text matches, phrases, or exclude words from your search. Filter by Source Country and Language We index news in over 50 languages from over 150 countries. With simple country and language filters you can limit your search to the exact country and language. For example, you could search for Spanish news that originate in the USA or French news from Canada. Combining country filter with other parameters allows you to dig really deep into the news coverage, e.g. you could compare news about a polarizing topic from different countries. Search news for within time frames Relevance of news is often short lived but new coverage is always in the context of what happened before. The API allows you to filter news by publish time to analyze content over time, for example, to detect shifts in opinions or amounts of news coverage of a certain topic over time. Search by Positive and Negative News Coverage News items (currently limited to English and German) are analyzed with AI trained sentiment classifiers assigning each news an overall value between -1 (negative) and +1 (positive).
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