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Yaraa Manager is the easiest way to manage Remote teams, Projects, and Tasks. Yaraa is AI powered Business suite that Creates projects & Task Scheduling Without human Interaction. Team members can chat and talk with each other with ease. It gives teams everything they need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach their goals. - Digital Employee improve work efficiency by operating 24/7 - Automate your work processes with Digital Employee - Empower your business for a Hybrid (remote + onsite) Work environment - No English. No Worry. Speak in your language and get work done Speak to Yaraa in Any popular languages & create Project |Task | To Do Manage your projects in one centralized platform without human Interaction. Move team ideas to action, quickly and faster: Collaborate & deliver your project on time by managing and reviewing tasks. Increase Team Conversation: Employee engagement and communication become much faster with the Chat and call tool Advance Features: Speech to Text: Honour your team's time using Speech to Text AI technology for quick work actions. Yaraa understands voice commands in all popular languages. Digital human: Yaraa Harnesses tremendous potential in AI technology to solve staff crunch and automate business processes to the next level. Project Tracker: With few Voice-Commands create and manage projects in a few seconds. Actionable project progress report available on the dashboard. Task Tracker: Assign and complete tasks faster than ever with real-time comments. Task timer helps complete priority tasks and in-time delivery. To-do list: Want Employees to manage tasks on their own? Use a to-do list to track workload. Agile companies will find it easy to work with it. Calendar and Board View: The easiest way for project managers to plan, manage, and visualize their work in a shared team calendar. Organize work on a Kanban board and streamline task management at every stage. Call and Chat: Access important messages easily and organize the conversation by putting them in the right place. Increase Employee Engagement with Task Related group chats, work calls, video calls, Voice Messages, etc. Notification: Get an instant Notification of all activities like Assigned tasks, messages, and new teammates. Set reminders and get notified when important tasks are approaching their due dates.
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