YETI: Web3.0 Wallet


YETI is a multichain wallet extension in your browser.

YETI is a multichain wallet extension in your browser for easy access to the world of web3. Interact with Ethereum, Bitcoin, Binance, Polkadot, other EVM and Parachains supported - all directly in your browser. A non-custodial wallet that tracks no data, leaving you in complete control of your assets! Your crypto should go where you do, so we built a wallet that is powerful and easy to use, looking toward the multichain future. Brought to you by YETI Team. With YETI, users have full control over their digital assets. YETI Features: -Easy access to the world of web3 -Access EVM Chains, Parachains, Canto, and the Bitcoin Network all with one account -Buy ETH with just a few clicks -Integrated DApps -View and manage all of your NFTs across different chains -View and manage all your tokens -Send and receive tokens -Get the best deals when swapping between tokens -Import your existing addresses -Hardware wallet support -One recovery phrase for ALL chains! Polkadot Features: -Create accounts for Polkadot, Moonbeam, Acala, Astar as well as Kusama, Moonriver, Karura and Shiden. -All other parachains coming soon! -Buy DOT -Import your recovery phrase from an existing PolkadotJS wallet -View balances of your assets -Sign messages -Confirm transactions
YETI Chain

The future of the web3 built #on YETI Scaling the goodness of Blockchain.