Zerofy helps your household decarbonise and make a difference.

Seventy percent of global greenhouse gas emissions are indirectly attributable to households: we have a lot of power to act, right at home. Zerofy tracks your household footprint, automated and in real-time, and helps you decarbonise, learn, and save money on heating and energy. It’s like a step tracker, but for your carbon emissions. We designed our app to make the process of tracking and reducing emissions frictionless. Here’s how it works: 1. Sign up and enter your household characteristics, plus details about mobility, diet, home heating and energy. You can add a goal for when you would like your household to become zero-carbon. Connect smart home appliances and devices, plus credit cards, for even deeper insights. 2. The app then automatically generates your household carbon emissions, in real-time. 3. You’ll be given recommended actions you can take to reduce your emissions. Plus, learn through articles and guides, and access low-carbon products and services in the Discover tab. 4. Habitually track emissions and see the impact of your actions on your household carbon footprint while working towards a zero-carbon life. You can also rent solar panels in the app with Zerofy Shared Solar! Anyone can contribute to the growth of solar energy. Rent panels in our solar park, produce your own green energy, and reduce CO2 emissions—no rooftop panels required. Plus, you’ll earn revenue!
Hannah Griffin

I work at Zerofy, a company in the climate tech space.