Baro automates mundane social media tasks so you can focus on doing business

The whole Baro concept is divided into 3 main parts: Post Approvals, Automations, Advertising Optimization.

Post Approvals
You can use tis tool to collaborate with a team of people (or on your own) on creating Facebook posts. When client is satisfied with your work and approves it the post can be published immediately or scheduled for publishing at a future date/time.

Automations allow you to automate tedious and repetitive tasks. You create rules and when these rules are met specific actions are triggered. For example we can periodically monitor posts on Facebook pages you specify that you have Advertising permissions, and if a post meets the rule we start a Post Engagement campaign for that specific post.

Advertising Optimiztion
Baro?s core feature is optimizing social media advertising campaigns. Launching campaigns through Baro will free you from mundane tasks, you will get more effective and cheaper ads, and better results for your money invested.