Birdsenger is a new & powerful email marketing & automation platform

Birdsenger is a new Email Marketing & Automation platform designed to help creators, marketer's and Startups alike express their idea, product and messages in a more visual way using a simple yet Intuitive email builder and creator, it also features lot of beautiful email templates and allows it user upload their own templates aswell, making email sending frictionless. The built in Auto-Responder helps you create automated workflows via your email through clicks and opens, helping you to convert in the most possible and effortless way. Connecting Birdsenger to your website is also a piece of cake, No Plugins Needed! No Programming Knowledge, Just copy our snippet, paste on your website and that all - it's an absolute plug and play. Our Powerful Form & Popup builder also allows you to create beautiful popup forms and with our simple website integration you are already on your way to generating leads directly from your website or landing page. Birdsenger is the simple and powerful email marketing platform you have been looking for - we offer you 30 Days free Trial with No Credit Card Required just so you can start sending emails in a blink. Get Started with Birdsenger visit
Ezeani Emmanuel

Birdsenger is a simple yet intuitive Email Marketing & Automation System