Blue Green Analytics


Visually map website behavior—from visit to conversion.

Blue Green Analytics is an easy-to-use customer journey mapping tool that helps you understand your visitors’ web journeys, identify drop-off points in your experiences, and pinpoint where improvements can be made to maximize conversion. How it works: - Deploy the Blue Green Analytics script on your website. - Blue Green Analytics will gather visitor and web behavior data. - Simply, select a starting-point (let’s say your homepage) and an end-point (how about a thank you page) and Blue Green Analytics will instantly (and visually!) display all the paths visitors took in between the two points, where they dropped-off, and which pages are the weak points in your funnel! About us: We are a small, dedicated team, passionate about improving the web analytics experience. Tired of being confused and disappointed by GA’s behavior flows and overall experience? So were we. That’s why we worked tirelessly to produce this: an intuitive visual-first analytics tool.
Monil Shah

I like building products from scratch