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For any Entrepreneur to be a success, they require an entrepreneur mindset with the ability to create business ideas and establish a long standing success in the business startup.

Chapter 1: Why Start a Business?
Learn the reasons why it is important to start your own business and why you should overcome the fear of getting started. All you need are the business ideas

Chapter 2: Starting a Partnership
Starting a Partnership is a great way of increasing your odds of succeeding in business. Just look around you, people had business ideas they shared with friends and a few years later success

Chapter 3: Growing into a Company
At this stage it implies that we have the right business ideas. Market and demand have increased, we need to know what we should do to get the right team.

Chapter 4: Working Business Capital
Capital isn’t just money. We will learn about the basics of Capital, how to be a success by having money work for us and keeping a hold on our business ideas.

Chapter 5: Commencement of Business Activities
When starting any business, you always have to make sure you have every tool ready. Get to learn about how business ideas et converted to actions with business profits in mind.

Chapter 6: Budgeting Business Finances
Money is something you have to learn to use when in business. Learn about the structure and the best time to create a Budget. Do not let your business ideas go to a waste.

Chapter 7: Managing the Cash Flow
All successful businesses are very mindful of Cash Flow. Be it US dollars, European euros, UK pounds, Indian Rupees, Ugandan shillings, you will have to learn to respect money to keep your business successful for a long time.

Chapter 8: Problem Solving Techniques
Every business idea has a flaw in it. Handling problems within your business will define your leadership abilities and this will always keep you ahead of competition.

Chapter 9: Examples of Profitable Ideas
A few awesome business ideas that could make you a multi-millionaire or even billionaire if you played your cards right.

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Paget Maanige
Paget Maanige


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