An innovative no-code trading platform with advanced risk controls for crypto traders everywhere is a trading platform where you can place your trades with its advanced and innovative trading tools. Flexible asset management – Set your position size in any way you want Custom trading conditions - Define how your trade gets entered and exited and customize them. All done by simple typing. Templates – There are 10 predefined professional trading setups available. Use or edit it according to your strategy. Risk under control - Set multiple Stop Loss and Take Profit orders with flexibility. Data sets – Availability of indicators, candlestick patterns, price actions, and any data you need is at your service. Ever-expanding data points to lean on. TradingView Chart – View and edit Stop Loss and Take Profit levels in real-time in the chart. It is all free. You can trade Binance Futures in USDT by connecting accounts via API keys. More exchanges and forex brokers will be available in the upcoming months. – Gain control over the markets.
Kevin Grulich

Fintech startup founder