An open-source & self-hostable Heroku / Netlify alternative

Coolify started because I was just curious if I can make it work for myself. Then after the first release (v1) and after it went a bit viral on Hacker News, I quickly realized people might like it! Coolify's mission is to simplify the building and deployment process of your applications and to be free, open-source, self-hosted and hassle-free, so you only need to concentrate on the code, not the infrastructure. Also, you can quickly spin up databases and other open-source services with just a simple click. In this way, everyone could shape the application! It is built with the community and backed by the community. You may ask, how is it financially sustainable? It is not, at the moment, but it is backed by community and the actual users through OpenCollective. After it went viral on Hacker News, lots of VC reached out to me to invest and help to raise a fund. I said no to all of them. That is not the way I would like to grow this project. Features: - Fully automated update process. You get the latest updates every time a new version is published, you just need to click on a button. That's all. - Integrated with your favorite GitHub, GitLab hosted and self-hosted instances. - Automatically deploys pull/merge requests, so you can quickly review contributions and speed up your teamwork! - You can deploy to Local Docker Engine. - Automatically generates SSL certificates. - Automatically configures a reverse proxy for everything deployed with Coolify. - You can make teams. Each team can only view their own resources. Future plans: - Support Bitbucket and Gitea. - Support Remote Docker Engine, so you can manage several servers from the same Coolify instance. - Support Kubernetes, so you can scale to infinity and beyond! - And more... I have lots of cool features on the table! I love to hear your thoughts, so please, comment below. PS: This is THE side project that caused me to leave a good paying job when the pandemic started. If you're interested in the full story, you can read it on my blog:
Andras Bacsai

Creator of @coollabsio . Father & coder.