Copy Text Easily


Copy Text Easily is a tool that lets you copy text, sentences, code snippets just by hovering mouse

Hello all A few days ago when I was doing some work involving copying text paragraphs and sentences, I noticed that it was tedious work to carry out. Using Ctrl + C all the time for copying text seemed to be a bit time-consuming thing for me. At that time I felt like to have some tool to copy text or sentences just in a click. I tried finding if there's any tool that could address this problem and I found none. So I decided to create one myself addressing various scenarios involved while copying text on the web. Here is that tool addressing those problems involved while copying text. It is called Copy Text Easily. It is a chrome extension that lets you copy text or code snippets in a hassle-free manner just with a click. Copy Text Easily extension has three modes: 1. Paragraph mode 2. Sentence mode 3. Custom selection mode Paragraph mode helps you copy blocks of text. This could be helpful for copying code blocks and paragraphs with a click. Sentence mode helps you to copy sentences from a block of text. Hovering on and off the paragraph selects different sentences in the paragraph. Custom mode helps you to copy any text as soon as you select it. When paragraph and sentence modes are not productive then this could be the savior. Copy Text Easily extension can be enabled/disabled right from the extension menu which could be handy to use only when you want it. There's a Keypress mode in this extension, enabling it will help you to run the extension only when a certain key is pressed. The default key is 'Ctrl'. This could be handy to use the features of this extension conditionally. This is a simple extension under 16KB in size. Give it a try and one or the other time this could be a very productive tool for you for copying text. Official site: Extension link: Blog post: Would love to hear your feedback and suggestions.

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